5 Spring Home Selling Tips for Selling in Central Florida

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Staging a home to sell is a must in the current market. Buyers are becoming very selective. Here are 5 tips to position your home for sale:

  1. First impressions are critical!! Most buyers know if they connect to a home in the first 3 minutes of arrival to the home. Make curb appeal a priority! LAWNS should be mowed weekly. Plant fresh flowers with lots of color. Keep flowerbeds weeded and walkways edged. Try to imagine walking to the front door for the first time and seeing your home through a buyer’s eyes.
  2. Pressure wash the exterior of your home. A clean, fresh look is a MUST. You may need to freshen the paint as well depending on how the home looks after a pressure cleaning.
  3. The Entry way at the front door is critical for the buyer to connect to your home. Declutter the foyer/hall area at the entry. Have minimal decorations in this area. Stand in the foyer and look at the entire view. What do you see. Make this first look into your home inviting and warm. This will engage the buyer’s interest in touring the rest of the home.
  4. Kitchens are very important to most buyers. Keep counters free of clutter, dishes, excessive counter appliances. Store items in closets if you do not use them daily.
  5. Primary bedroom is the next area buyers focus on. Make your sleeping quarters neat, tidy, colorful and free of clutter. Put your valuables out of sight.
beautiful Florida duplex home with cared for landscaping

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  1. Johannes Gross says on April 27, 2023 at 1:32 pm:

    How true! When we purchased our home, I recall homes that gave us a bad impression just because the inside was chaotic and dirty. Sometimes just spending a few hours of tidying up can make a huge difference.

  2. Jennifer Lee says on April 27, 2023 at 1:36 pm:

    Thanks for the comment!!! I hope you found the blog useful. Jennifer Lee, Broker/Owner Campus to Coast Realty.


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