Betsy Brzezinski

Betsy Brzezinski Headshot

As a real estate professional, I am here to help navigate and guide each and every customer through each step of buying or selling a home, so they do not have to stress over the process or worry about what comes next. I strive to always be improving myself and my strategies, while continuing to look for ways to make others’ day better, even in the smallest of things. 

My personal passion is in home improvement and the ability to build home equity over time. The hands-on process of renovating several of my own homes, including an older farm house & barn, is so gratifying, especially when you know that you are making these differences to not only better your own life, but to positively affect future owners of the home & the community. 

I look forward to being involved in such an important part of all of my customers’ lives today and in the future.